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Did you Know This About Medicare?

Medicare can be complicated. There are many moving pieces that are challenging to keep straight. So while some elements of Medicare might seem more important, it is vital to be aware of some of the smaller details that can be easily overlooked. Did you Know that there are Different Types of Medicare? There are different […]
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Is Basic Medicare Coverage Enough for my Parents?

Caring for aging parents comes with plenty of challenges on its own. The last thing you want to worry about is your parents’ health insurance needs. Finding the right plan, though, isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Whether your parents are facing medical complications, transitioning to a nursing home, or simply needing help navigating […]
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Tips to Avoid Medicare Fraud During the Annual Enrollment Period

Medicare fraud is an unfortunate reality in the world today. Millions of dollars are lost every year from Medicare scams, and these scams can wreak havoc on the lives of individuals. Those who dismiss the possibility that they could fall victim are at the highest risk. It’s important to stay vigilant, discuss sensitive information only […]
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What is IRMAA & How Can You Avoid Additional Medicare Costs?

If you’re at the age when Medicare is becoming a part of your daily life, you’re probably considering the different options available and their accompanying costs. One of the costs you might encounter is IRMAA – the income related monthly adjustment amount. IRMAA is a surcharge you might incur on your Medicare Part B and […]
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5 Tips for Helping Your Parents with Medicare

As our parents age, we often take on more responsibilities to help care for their needs. In this stage of life there can be both great joys as well as new challenges. Taking care of aging parents introduces us to all sorts of new encounters – and one of those is learning how Medicare works.  […]
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Have Meals Delivered to Your Home After Being Discharged from the Hospital

Recovering from a hospital stay should be as stress-free as possible. And worrying about making meals should not be something you have to do.  Did you know that your Medicare Advantage plan may offer a post-discharge meal delivery service? If you’re expecting to have an inpatient hospital stay in the near future keep reading for […]
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8 Common Questions People Have When They Turn 65

Turning 65 is a milestone. And with each milestone we face in life, we have questions about what's next. If you have questions about turning 65, you're not alone. We've taken the time to answer some of the most common questions that 65 brings.  1. Can I retire at 65? What is considered the full […]
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How to Help a Parent or Loved One Enroll in Medicare

As we age, our health needs change, and older adults, especially, face many challenges when it comes to taking care of their health. Among the most challenging is navigating the government-sponsored healthcare coverage program for seniors. The golden years of retirement can be overshadowed by the bombardment of telephone calls and excess junk mail all […]
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4 Simple Tips for Planning for Retirement

Your long-awaited retirement years are coming up, but before you can start enjoying your retirement lifestyle there are a few things you need to prepare for. With a little planning you can ease into retirement with as little stress as possible. Keep reading to learn 4 simple ways you can begin planning for retirement now. […]
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Important Reminders for Seniors Turning 65 in 2021

Happy Birthday! Turning 65 is a big milestone around here. Anyone turning 65 in 2021 (or with January 2022 birthdays) will become eligible for Medicare benefits by October of this year. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there about Medicare and choosing the right plan. There are multiple […]
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