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Did you Know This About Medicare?

Medicare can be complicated. There are many moving pieces that are challenging to keep straight. So while some elements of Medicare might seem more important, it is vital to be aware of some of the smaller details that can be easily overlooked. Did you Know that there are Different Types of Medicare? There are different […]
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Is Basic Medicare Coverage Enough for my Parents?

Caring for aging parents comes with plenty of challenges on its own. The last thing you want to worry about is your parents’ health insurance needs. Finding the right plan, though, isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Whether your parents are facing medical complications, transitioning to a nursing home, or simply needing help navigating […]
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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Is Here

If you’re over 65, we’ve entered the season when your mailbox begins to fill up with advertisements from Medicare Plan carriers wanting to show you the many wonderful benefits they have to offer for the upcoming year. While this can be overwhelming, if not annoying, it does provide you reminders of a couple things: Medicare […]
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What should I do after receiving Annual Notice of Change?

Every year there are changes made to Medicare Advantage plans. Sometimes these changes will help you, but other times these changes may mean that something you need is no longer covered by your Medicare plan. That’s why it is so important to take note when your Annual Notice of Change arrives in the mail.  In […]
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How to Help a Parent or Loved One Enroll in Medicare

As we age, our health needs change, and older adults, especially, face many challenges when it comes to taking care of their health. Among the most challenging is navigating the government-sponsored healthcare coverage program for seniors. The golden years of retirement can be overshadowed by the bombardment of telephone calls and excess junk mail all […]
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Pros & Cons of Medicare Advantage: Benefits Outweigh the Cons

If you’re eligible for Medicare, or going to be soon, and you’re currently seeking to choose a Medicare plan, then you might be a little overwhelmed! There’s a lot of information to compare, contrast, and consider. It can be intimidating to try to delve into the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans and […]
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When Exactly is Medicare Advantage Enrollment?

If you’re new to Medicare Advantage plans, or maybe you’re considering switching your current plan, you might have some questions about Medicare Advantage Enrollment periods. You’re not alone! Medicare Advantage Enrollment periods go by many names, and, you might be surprised to know, there’s more than one time of year when you can join and/or […]
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Find Out What Plans You’re Eligible for with a Medicare Eligibility Check

Are you new to Medicare and wondering about eligibility? Medicare can be confusing, overwhelming, and difficult to understand – for anyone. If you're currently trying to figure all this out and wondering the best ways to go about a Medicare eligibility check for different Medicare plans, don’t worry. While it can seem like a lot […]
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How to Determine What Medicare Supplement Plans are Right For You

If you’re new to Medicare and considering Medicare Supplement Plans, then you might be wondering what exactly is covered by Medicare Supplement Plans and what might make one option better than another. Medicare Supplement Plans combine with original Medicare plans to "fill in the gaps" of traditional Medicare coverage. While similar to Medicare Advantage Plans […]
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What do Medicare Advantage Plans Cover?

If you’re new to Medicare and considering Medicare Advantage Plans, then you might be wondering what exactly is covered by Medicare Advantage Plans and what makes one option better than another. Medicare (Original Medicare) has many parts - A for Hospital Insurance, B for Medical Insurance, and D for Prescription Drug Coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans […]
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